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Alrighty then.

Since I can't find the original link for what I wanted to post before, I'll just post these singing puppets from The Craig Ferguson Show.

I don't watch much late night teevee, so I just stumbled across him opening his show one night with the puppets and found it hilarious.  So here's a few to have fun with.

This one was on my birthday

This one is my favorite

And Happy New Year!

I received some good news today. Early in September, I submitted my short subject screenplay to a screenplay contest. I had worked on it and edited it and hoped for the best. Well, I found out today that I made it as a semi-finalist. I was surprised and happy. However, I didn't make it as a finalist, so :(. At least, once the winners are announced, I'll get critical feedback from the review committee. I look forward to that because I want to know other peoples opinions on my writing. The reality is you can't improve without it. Though I admit I'm a little disappointed in not making the final cut, I also admit I'm pleased I got this result the very first time I sent that particular screenplay to a contest.

One thing that I have been really working on, despite my working hours, is getting my social life back. I got to dress up and go out on Halloween. Haven't done that in years. In the last week I've seen two concerts. First, I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra out at the Izod Center (formerly the Meadowlands). You may have heard of them from the intensely driven Chrismas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24. They put on a great show. And their light show, which they are known for, was massive. I'm pretty sure I suffered a seizure or two. Probably a small stroke. :D It was really great when they brought out the special guest at the finale, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. My friend and I had a great time. Navigating NJ Transit, however, was a pain in the ass. Through the amazing and much needed kindness of strangers, we made it out there and got back safely. Thanks to all those good folks. Here's a video of TSO performing Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 live. It includes the spoken intro (the CD this comes from, Christmas Eve and other stories, is done in story form--a concept album for lack of a better term). It's from a few years ago, but you get a good idea of the intensity of the music and light show, which is much bigger now.

Six days ago, another friend and I went to see Oasis at Madison Square Garden. They were AWESOME! They don't do light shows. No outrageous stunts or showmanship. They just blow you away with their music. I loved it, loved it, loved it! I think I'm still over-the-moon excited now that I think about it. What a Show! This is a video that shows and almost identical vantage point that we had. And this song, What's the story, morning glory?, had the whole audience singing along the loudest. Even over Wonderwall. Another one of their huge songs. The audience was drowning Liam Gallagher out and he gestured to the sound guys to increase his mike. :D That was funny. Liam doesn't like to be upstaged by his own audience. Noel Gallagher, his brother and the lead guitarist and songwriter, suffered the same fate on one of the few songs he sings, Don't look back in anger. Noel fought it less than Liam. But he did end it the way he wanted to, not how the audience did it. That's what I like so much about the brothers. They will do what they do, out of loyalty to each other and their music. They are both guilty of verbal diarrhea in the worst way. Too some, they're abrasive and outrageous. To me, I can't fault them for any of it.  They're rock stars.  They get it. 

Did I also mention I started taking guitar lessons about two months ago? And did I mention that I found out only a couple of weeks ago that my guitar teacher has been friends with the founder and leader of TSO for 20 years, and has worked on one of their albums? I am sooooooo working that connection next year. ;D

Merry Christmas!

I am actually in a good mood about Christmas.  And I know why.  It's because I am going away for the holidays.  My mom and my sister and I are going out to Vegas to see my brother and his family.  Including my nephew's new baby girl.  For once, the pressure and stress that is usually kickin' my ass this time of year is off.  Not that I didn't buy presents and do Christmas cards (OK, I finally did that today.  Ha!).  I did do that stuff.  And since we're in the horrible, crushing, will-destroy-us-all Depression, I've held back on going overboard on gifts and, VOILA!, I have some money left.  Hooray! for me.  One of the things that bothers me the most about Christmas is I end up spending too much.  I've learned to reign it in.  And that makes me happy. 

Why we're going to Las Vegas has to do with last year.  Last year, my mom had her gall bladder removed right before the holidays.  Well, she ended up having to go to the ER.  Long story, short, my siblings and I never really knew how old my mother really was until last year.  You'd understand how this happened if she was your mom, believe me.  Well, without telling us, our mom reached the milestone age of 80 last year.  It was a shock to us because we thought she must've been 8 or 10 years less than that.  Yeah, mom looks real good for her age.  Anyway, we agreed that we would get her out to Vegas with as much of the family together as possible, to celebrate her 80+1 birthday (actually, it was Monday, but she didn't want to travel on her birthday).  So, we've been dropping hint after hint this past year and finally did the hard sell in the last couple of months and...tomorrow, actually later today, we leave for Vegas and will be away until after the New Year.  Can't wait. 

However, I'm suffering kitty guilt.  Because we're going to be away so long, I had my two cats, Max and Silkie, boarded.  They left today.  I was frazzled because the Pet Chauffeur showed up nearly an hour early and we were not ready.  I had to scramble to put them in their carriers, label the carriers, the bag of kitty toys, a quick brush and no proper goodbyes.  Of course I called later in the day to check on them and was told they were fine and were even allowing people to pet them and pick them up.  That was great to hear.  If you think that lessens my kitty guilt and anxiety...you'd be wrong.  :/

It will be a relief to have a real vacation.  Especially since November started off terribly.  Either I had a bad cold, or most likely, the flu, that lingered for two weeks.  I pretty much lost my voice which is horrible because I depend on my voice to do my job.  I still blame this stupid girl (I refuse to call her a woman because she is so immature) who kept coming to work despite the fact she was so sick.  And then she'd spend the whole damn day talking about how bad she felt.  Well, fine!  Then go the hell home, moron!  Instead of infecting the rest of us.  Even through the illness I've still been working more hours.  And I really want to switch back to daytime hours.  I finally had a talk with my supervisor about my job and, not expecting anything, I may have worked myself into a new job.  More on this as it develops.  I really hope this goes somewhere because I desparately need a/to change. 


Your the worst maker ever!

                                                     Click to view full size image

                                                     Bill and Sookie           
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                                                       Click to view full size image

If none of these pictures needs explanation to you, then you watch HBO's True Blood.  In fact, if you recognize these pictures, that means you love True Blood because you're up-to-date on the last episode.  Awesome!  I was apprehensive about this show (in other words, I thought it would suck, so to speak), but I liked it from the first episode.  And each episode leaves me wanting more.  I'm always ready to watch the next episode as soon as the latest episode is over.  Alas, after Sunday's episode, this season is over.  Augh!  Why does HBO do this?  They make you wait half a year between seasons of your favorite shows.  The last episode revealed the killer (if you hadn't guessed) and we get to see if he's captured.  Will Sam capture him?  Will it be as a man or dog?  Will Bill be able to rescue Sookie despite the sunlight?  And who is the mystery lady and her pig?  A friend of mine suspects (and I think she's right) that the woman is also a shape-shifter and she's really after Sam.  And what will become of Jason?  He's finally been touched by love (although I still think Amy was crazy).  Will his grief lure him into the arms of anti-vampire fanatics?  You know, I doubt it.  I think Jason is finally becoming a man.  And he wants more for himself than to live a life of hate.  I didn't even know this was a book series until after the show aired.  But I refuse to spoil myself.  Except for one plot point in the next book, I don't wanna know anything.  It's more fun for me that way .

Will Sookie be rescued from the killer?  Will Jason be saved, or "saved"?  Will Lafayette remain fabulous?  Will Tara be more than somebody else's pawn and free herself?  Will Sam get fleas?  Will Jessica be the wildest vampire ever?  Let's watch tomorrow night and find out.  :)  Just so we can be left hanging for  months.  :/           

It's time to choose...

Senator Barack Obama by Stephen Voss.

"I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics."    Barack Obama

Yes, America.  It's time to choose.  America needs good government and good leadership again.  So vote.  If you're reading this and you're of voting age, vote.  Vote for the candidate you believe in.  Regardless of party.  But vote.  America needs her people to stand up for her.  And we, the people, need to reclaim our democracy.  So.  Vote.    




Eureka! This is fun!

 Darn it!  I haven't posted in over a month?  That sucks.  Let me tell ya what happened.  First, back in early July, my aunt, Bea, (my mom's sister) came to stay with us.  Since last year, she's been living with her son (my cousin), Darryl, and his family out in their new house in NJ.  Well, they went on vacation, and, basically, they needed somewhere to keep her.  That's not harsh, it's true.  My aunt could not be alone in that big house.  And she refused to go to a nursing or elder care facility  So, it was arranged that she'd stay with us.  It was supposed to be five days (it became eight).  Well, it was quite a week plus one.  Understand that, while my mom is definitely a senior, my aunt is elderly.  My mom is one of four sisters.  My mom is the youngest of her sisters.  My aunt Bea is the oldest.  She needed more care and attention.  I love her dearly.  She took care of me when I was a little girl while my mom was at work, before I started school.  But elder care is hard.  Believe me, this issue is going to be HUGE over the coming decades because so many families will be faced with taking care of  their parents or other elder family members.  And it's hard.  But I digress, as usual.  Well, it took a lot out of both me and my mom.  It didn't help that it was the hottest week of the summer so far.  Anyway, it threw me off quite a bit.  There were other things, too.  But I'm finally back on track.

About those other things.  I've rarely talked about it here, but I've written and completed two screenplays.  One feature length, the other short subject.  Because of family issues, I've put both on the backburner of my life.  No more.  I just can't do that anymore.  I've dusted them both off and have been working hard, especially on the feature, with the intention of entering it into contests.  My ultimate intention, as it would be with anyone with a screenplay to sell, is to find an agent.  I haven't read through the feature for so long.  Boy, did it need editing.  *__*   All the way down to the ending, which still needs polishing.  The short, much less so.  But it needs tweaking and re-writing.  Sometimes, I don't like to say it out loud but, these are really important to me.  As is the poetry I've written, which I want to get published.  It plays on my emotions, my writing, and the hopes I have for it.  

Anyway, my first reason for posting is about Eureka!, the teevee show.  I missed the whole of the second season, except maybe a couple of episodes.   Since I don't work on Tuesdays, I've been able to catch up on the new season.  And I'm liking what I'm seeing.  


I don't know how I feel about this sudden loss (disappearance?) of Nathan.  Yes, I do like the Allison/Carter pairing.  I'd love to see them together.  But to win her like this?  Hmm, it seems too easy with Nathan just gone.  Then again, Allison won't exactly be running into Carter's arms now, will she?  Not after losing Nathan like this.  So, is it a case of one step forward, two steps back with Allison and Carter?  She said she loved Nathan.  But was it more out of comfort, or was it truly romantic?  Does she really think of Jack as her "true friend"?  If so, Nathan's loss will be heartbreaking.  I guess since there's a new egotistical villainess, Eva Thorne, in the house, the writers felt they didn't need two, so out the door Nathan went.  And now we have Jack's sister, Lexi, in the mix.  With a baby on the way, no less.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that random people, even family, couldn't just show up in Eureka?  Or at least they couldn't stay for long because Eureka wasn't a normal town?  Maybe I'm mis-remembering something I heard from the first season.  And what's with the Degree product placements?!  

"Does your ego even fit in this building?"--Carter.  LOL  That was hilarious


Ballad of Truth

I recently alluded to my "little obsessions". Most are fleeting. Some have stood a long time. One of those is anime. Japanese anime are, but cannot really be characterized as, cartoons. Yes, there are plenty of anime shows that are cute, silly, funny and just for kids or just for laughs. Some that make it to the US and are shown on tv are aimed at kids. But most are not. For every kids-oriented anime, there is more young adult/adult themed anime. The more popular series in Japan are the ones that make it to US televisions. For instance, I just watched the finale of Death Note. This was a mind-bending anime not meant for those who are not thoughtful or who are impatient. As a matter of fact, patience is a key to anime. The Japanese do not tell stories quickly. It took nine years just to tell some of the story of InuYasha before the series ended. Almost all anime series starts with a manga (comic book series). Sometimes, the manga precedes, and/or exceeds the series. As is the case w/InuYasha, in which the manga just recently ended in Japan. But the anime series ended 2 years ago. My all-time favorite anime is Cowboy BeBop. It had amazing storytelling, animation, perfect voice acting and english dubbing. And it made me realize that an animated story can be filled with intense emotion, tragedy, and can even bring tears to your eyes. My co-favorite is Fooly Cooly. Total opposite in tone. More comedy, less tragedy. But it was very human and real in it's emotion. And ultimately, it awed me with it's immensity. My current favorite series is Bleach. And this too, will be a loooooog one. But it's great. It's one of the most popular anime series ever in Japan. And that popularity has transferred to US shores. But I digress. You may wonder; but why am I not explaining these stories? Because they're not the point. My real point is about J-pop. Japanese pop. I love it. And I was introduced to in thru anime.

From Outlaw Star to Bleach, I have heard music that I absolutely love. Most of the songs I first loved came from the InuYasha series. But Bleach has since surpassed InuYasha in my mp3 player. Thru anime, I also discovered artists I've become a fan of. Yoko Kanno is a prolific composer of amazing talent. From Cowboy BeBop to Ghost in the Shell, she has composed a vast amount of wonderful music. If Hollywood won't "discover" her, Cirque du Soleil should. Her work is right up their alley. And well beyond. One of the bands I've become a fan of is Do As Infinity (D.A.I.) The band is named after it's founder and composer and guitarist, Dai Nagao. The other two main members are vocalist Tomiko Van and guitarist Ryo Owatari. They lasted from 1999 to 2005. A shame because they were very good. Tomiko Van, or just Van, has gone onto a solo career and I haven't caught up with her solo work yet. Two of their most popular songs became closing songs for InuYasha. Fukai Mori (Deep Forest) in season 2 and Shinjitsu no Uta (Ballad of Truth) in season 5. Fukai Mori became their signature song. And it's a sad song at heart as it's about a friend of Van's who died too young. The only way to really know if you like music is to hear it. So I looked over Youtube to find some D.A.I. videos. Unfortunately, the official videos for both of these songs are "copyright protected" and keep getting yanked off Youtube. A shame. However, altered versions aren't a problem. Since I love these songs so much I have to share. Even if it means sharing bastardized forms of videos. It's all about the songs, anyways. This 1st video of from a live performance of D.A.I. performing "Fukai Mori". Please forgive Van as she is especially choked up at the beginning because, like I mentioned before, it's a personal song for her. Unfortunately, the song is cut short a little, but you get most of it:

This one is a slightly altered version of the original ending from season 2 of InuYasha. First, the images were slightly altered in order for it not to be "embed disabled" (again copyright issues). Second, the text was removed. Which makes it so much easier to see the featured character in this particular ending; the gorgeous, flawless, deadly, full-blooded Great Demon lord, Sesshomaru--half-brother to half-demon InuYasha. It's a looooong story, but suffice it to say that Sesshomaru is my absolute favorite character in anime. Bottomline, this was my first introduction to the song. Just hearing a piece of it, and I still loved it:

Last, is season ending 5 song, "Shinjitsu no Uta". It's been translated at "Ballad of Truth" and "Song of Truth". Either way, it's a strong, powerful song that's sung with power and emotion by Van. The original video was yanked like I said. This is, I think, a karaoke version because it features the words in both styles of Japanese writing, and in English. Personally, I find the English lyrics more distracting than the Japanese. It's a bit hard to see the video, but the song is what's important. Hope it grows on you like it did with me:


If this is all new to you, I ask you to give a chance.  If it's not up your alley.  So be it.  But try it first.  In the end, it's just pop music in a different language, not rocket science.  Why do I like it so much?  I dunno.  I just do.  For right now, that will suffice.  And I haven't even gotten to how much I love Hyde yet.  Or to the music from Bleach.  That's good stuff. 

Curiouser and curiouser

Since The Dark Knight is my newest obsession. I found something most curious.   Compare and contrast the following photos.  Photos from the last movies of Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger respectively.   What does it all mean?  Something profound?  Nothing of consequence?  An interesting coincidence?  

     TheCrow2.jpg picture by aerynsunX

Brandon Lee, "The Crow"

TheJoker.jpg picture by aerynsunX

Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight"

Some smaller pics to make life easier:

                    TheCrow8.jpg image by aerynsunX                                                              TheJoker1.jpg image by aerynsunX

 Or not:
TheCrow4.jpg picture by aerynsunX

TheJoker2.jpg picture by aerynsunX

TheCrow11.jpg picture by aerynsunX

TheJoker3.jpg picture by aerynsunX

Let's just say I find this interestingWHy So Serious?             

"Quotes For Quoting"

Change doesn't come from Washington. Change comes to Washington.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics.

--Barack Obama


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