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Curiouser and curiouser

Since The Dark Knight is my newest obsession. I found something most curious.   Compare and contrast the following photos.  Photos from the last movies of Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger respectively.   What does it all mean?  Something profound?  Nothing of consequence?  An interesting coincidence?  

     TheCrow2.jpg picture by aerynsunX

Brandon Lee, "The Crow"

TheJoker.jpg picture by aerynsunX

Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight"

Some smaller pics to make life easier:

                    TheCrow8.jpg image by aerynsunX                                                              TheJoker1.jpg image by aerynsunX

 Or not:
TheCrow4.jpg picture by aerynsunX

TheJoker2.jpg picture by aerynsunX

TheCrow11.jpg picture by aerynsunX

TheJoker3.jpg picture by aerynsunX

Let's just say I find this interestingWHy So Serious?             
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